HG World


HG World is a post-apocalyptic zombie audio drama written by Jay Smith and mixed/mastered by Michael Stokes. Bryan Lincoln has been acting director/line editor since about the start of Season 1.


The following is a list of links to help find the various HG World episodes in their preferred order of play:

S0 Ep1 (remastered) “In The Flesh”

S0 Ep2 “Born Down in a Deam Man’s Town”

S0 Ep3 “You’ve Got a Hunger for What You See”

S0 Ep4 “Walk in Their Masquerade”

S0 Ep5 “All Your Greenery Is Comin’ Down Boy”

S0 Ep6 “And Shadows Still Remain”

S0 Ep7 “It’s a World of Dread and Fear”

S0 Ep8 “It’s a Cold and It’s a Broken Hallelujah”

S1 Ep1 “Nothing Left to Lose”

S1 Ep2 “In Her Glass Was a Bleeding Man”

S1 Ep3 “Got the Voices Speakin’ Riddles”

S1 Ep4 “Where the Sirens Sing & Church Bells Ring”

S1 Ep5 “Lock Up the Streets and Houses”

The Googies, Chapter 1

The Googies, Chapter 2

The Googies, Chapter 3

The Googies, Chapter 4

The Googies, Chapter 5

The Googies, Chapter 6

The Googies, Chapter 7

 The Googies, Chapter 8

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