Hidden Harbor Mysteries Episode 9


Hidden Harbor Mysteries, Episode 9.

Hidden Harbor Mysteries, Chapter 9 “Out of Shadow, Into Darkness” was written by Jay Smith and produced by Bryan Lincoln. With Dave Robison as The Narrator, Veronica Giguere as Barbara Wilsont, Kathryn Pryde as Mistress Penumbra, Lauren Harris as Mishka Rosenko, Rish Outfield as Michael McBrion, Ayoub Khote as Michael’s father, Chris Lester as Guard#1, John Scott Ballentine as Guard#2, Alex White as Greenstreet, and Norm Sherman as Detective Horn. This podcast is released under a Creative Commons, attribution, no derivatives 4.0 license. Closing music is “Here we go again for the first time” by Juicy Melon Jim.


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