A lull in the action

It occurred to me that there haven’t been any postings of new stories lately. This has nothing to do with the amount of work being done behind the scenes. A few things have an effect on a release schedule. Obviously, large projects take time. Also, once I produce a story for someone else’s show it is completely up to them when they decide to drop in in their feed. I’ve seen this take anywhere from days to months in various places. Each show has its own schedule to maintain. I basically hand them in and post it here when it comes out. Inevitably, this has resulted in release spurts, where several projects come out in a short amount of time followed by a gap before the next batch of projects is done. While I’d love to have a steady stream of releases (say, one story every 4 to 6 weeks) I also know that any new audience a story reaches can come here and find all of my past work at once.


But in addition to an unpredictable release schedule, I also have been working on MUCH bigger projects lately. This could result in more gaps like this one for a while. Here’s what is coming:


1) A new Dunesteef Story – It is submitted and sounds like it will be released rather quickly. I took a LONG time with this one. April till November, basically. But the end result was a fun story I look forward to linking here.

2) HG World episodes – The 10 part Googies story line has 2 episodes left. Mike Stokes is the final mix/master artist here, but I gather lines and pre-assemble the episodes for him to work off of. Googies 9 has about 3 scenes left to assemble, but it is a big 17 scene episode. Googies 10 will be put together (on my assembly level) starting in a couple weeks I would imagine. Once that is done, there will likely be a gap as the final season is organized.

3) Hidden harbor Mysteries – This is the first audio drama where I will be the lone producer. It is an old time radio (inspired by the 1930s to 1950s era of radio) super hero story. Episode 1 and 2 are put together, with a few minor retakes/tweaks to work on. It was originally planned to be eight 15 minute episodes, but Jay Smith (the writer) expanded that to ten, thinking a 5 day a week release schedule would give it a good feel. Since then, it has been expanded to fifteen episodes with Jay having written the first ten and finding he needed another “week” of episodes to tie up all the loose ends. When the full season is written, lines will go out to the very talented cast and I will produce the series in full prior to release.

4) Malcontent – My roughly 160,000 word novel is being produced as a full cast audiobook. I’m about 1/2 way through final edits of the text (this final pass is only fine tuning narration, and maybe a bit of dialogue for any uncast characters), and I have recorded narration for the first 2 (of 33) chapters. Each chapter will be 25-45 minutes, I would guess. Some actors have all their lines in. Others do not, and I will start to give them harder deadlines in the coming months. I am assembling scenes around the final-take narration, bringing any where the actor’s lines are all in to final, releasable form. Thus the first eight scenes are assembled as far as possible, with three in final form. This will be advanced in some way every week until it is finished. I have no ETA, but I am very pleased with it so far.

5) The Fullcast Podcast – Abbie and I will be recording a new episode today. Look for it!

As you can see, other than the latest Dunesteef, there’s a lot of slower work being done. Hopefully I will get a few more short stories (Dunesteef, Drabblecast, etc.) to do in the near future to keep things coming to you throughout 2014. I may put some teasers out on the bigger projects sometime if there’s another long lull, but for the most part I am not planning on giving myself too many distractions from the work at hand.